Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Monument Valley & The 4 Corners

So I woke up and we were on a hill overlooking a desert valley. It was hot. Soon I found out we were on a Navajo Reservation without a permit...but we took our time making oatmeal and coffee strained in a bandana just the same...It ended up fine, anyhow. While we had missed the hike to the monument to the Navajo people that started 15 minutes before we left, we met a nice Native American man who chatted with us for a bit and informed us that the camping price was simply a donation, so we ended up camping super-cheaply...again. We've gotten really lucky.

Continued our trip north and I slept until we got to Monument Valley National Park in Utah...we're hitting a bunch of states right here...let the zig-zagging road trip begin! The huge formations were pretty neat but the most exciting part of this was Keith driving the Gulf on sand paths, competing with the best of all-wheel-drive SUVs, getting crazy looks and then staring back, wondering if they are really enjoying the 100+ degree heat and the dust in their eyes and camera lenses...

We realized after our tour of the valley that we still had a long way to go before we would get to Natural Bridges and Arches National Park so we decided to take our time getting there, and stopped at a local restaurant to have Navajo Tacos...oh my god. So good. They were huge pieces of fried dough with chili and a salad on top basically...incredible. They ended up feeding us for lunch AND dinner, and I still ahve a little bit left over. Got back on the road and realized that we could go the 40 miles to 4 Corners, the only place in the country where 4 states meet, so we did. It wasn't anything eye opening...but it is neat to say that we were, quite literally, in 4 places at once. We tried to be unique...for $3.00...I think the craziness was worth it.

From there, we headed to Moab, where we searched and priced campgrounds....this time there were LOTS of choices...thank goodness. Last night was just too much. One could probably make a small fortune by opening a campground between the Grand Canyon, AZ and Monument Valley, UT!

Set up camp, took long showers, Keith tried not to explode while starting the traveling stove...all-in-all a good time. We looked through the pictures of the roadtrip so far...and its only day 4 or something...which is ridiculous. We are marvelling at how much we've done and how much we still have left to see...we live in a big country.

Ate our leftovers, like a said...reflected a bit...tonight, we sleep on a cushion of grass underneath a tree, and stars, and hopefully no rain. In Utah. Who would have guessed?

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